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JULY 2019

Show Information

Performs every Tuesday in July in the outdoor Courtyard at Two Brothers Roundhouse, in Aurora. 7:30 pm.

Tickets are $10 for adults and seniors. $5 for students with proof of ID.

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Doors will open at 6:00 pm for dinner and drinks service. Drinks will also be served throughout the show.

The running time is approximately 100 minutes with a 15 minute intermission.

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The Program

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The Cast and Crew

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The Creative Team

Directed by Hillary Scott and Brian Fauth

Original play by William Shakespeare

Production Manager: Karly Hanna

Fight Choreography:

Thalis Karatsolis-Chanikian, Lauren Farbota,

and Therese Young

Stage Management Team:

Emily Hudomiet, Peyton Klingbeil,

Echo Brambert, Jeremy Davis, and Calla Donavon

Sound Design: Jim Moorman and Ron Donavon

Graphic Design: Jordan Caulk

Publicity and Social Media: Hillary Scott and Sam Hennessy

The Cast

Witch 1: Kelsey Rich

Witch 2: Emily Hudomiet

Witch 3: Marie Claire Lyon

Macbeth: Chandler Smith

Banquo: Laura Duncan

Duncan: Kerri Koczen

Malcom: Mark Pontarelli

Donalbain/Fleance: Brooks Whitlock

Lady Macbeth: Whitney Minarik

Seyton: Lauren Farbota

1st Murderer/Menteith: Ethan Ylisela

2nd Murderer/Caithness/Apparition” Mara Hoyt:

3rd Murderer/Angus: Thalis Karatsolis-Chanikian

Doctor of Physic: Edward Voci

Gentlewoman/Apparition: Samantha Hennessy

Porter/Lady Macduff: Sean Thomas

Macduff: Katherine Damisch

Young Macduff/Apparition: Caitlin Brambert

Lennox: Alex Speight

Ross: James Dold

Young Siward: Jeremy Davis/Calla Donavon

Captain in Duncan's Army/Apparition/Siward: Norah Flaherty

Soldier: Echo Brambert

Special Thanks

The House Theatre of Chicago

The Backroom Shakespeare Project

Two Brothers Roundhouse

Columbia College

Elmhurst College

First Folio Theatre

All Dressed Up